How has the Novel Coronavirus Affected my Business?

The pandemic obliterated my business. Every single one of my students discontinued. About 3/4 of my students called me and canceled on their own, and I called the remainder and said that we should discontinue lessons until we could see how all of this would play out. Luckily, I've been a working man near all of my life (country music reference), so me and my daughter have not been starving, and I've continued to have the resources to be there for her.

a shovel in a ditch that I hand-dug and filled in, because I'm not afraid of hard work!
Hey Hey! A workin' man... a workin' man like me!

The reason I canceled on the remainder of my lessons is that I'm worried about liability. For instance: what if I contracted the coronavirus, and then didn't know and continued to teach? If I passed it on to one of my students, am I liable for them getting it? Even if the answer is 'no' at first glance, once you're in an actual court they just have to convince a majority of the jury in a civil trial. There's no 'beyond a shadow of a doubt' in civil court.

The State of Things at the Moment

I have started teaching a small amount of students, practicing my new protocols for the pandemic before I try to scale it to a full-blown schedule. I don't want to make a mistake, and end up being in court, or worse actually getting someone deathly sick.

My new Protocols for During the Pandemic

  • I Wear a Mask: This doesn't have to do with politics. It is about liability, and more importantly respect for my student's and their families health. I can't very well social distance with my students, because they have to be close enough to see what I am demonstrating clearly. Sometimes the I may be demonstrating some very fine and delicate concept, where detail is very important.
  • Hand Sanitizer/Washing Hands: I bring hand sanitizer every lesson, and I used it or wash my hands before and after every lesson
  • Scheduling Time Between Lessons: I was actually already doing this, so that students had flexible time slots for both their sakes and mine. It is even more important now! Having time in between minimizes students milling around the location, and allows time for washing hands.
  • Transparency: Before our first lesson, I tell my students the usual places where I go and what activities I partake in (I don't give out my other student's names). This is because of the liability question. I try to be transparent and honest in all situations, and this is no exception. I drive a lot. I have a girlfriend in Raleigh. I go to Raleigh grocery stores. I work. I go to Lowes. I am active.

My mama made me this, and told me that I had better wear it.
a face mask that my family made for my daughter
Just kidding. This is the one she made for my daughter.

In Conclusion

Even though I'm excited and anxious to get back at it, I am being very slow and methodical about it. Fortunately, I'm not afraid of good old fashioned hard work, so I can afford to be careful.

No matter what, this too will pass. Believe in yourself and your future.


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