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Since the Beginning (Almost)

HTML wasn't there at the very beginning of the internet, but it came along shortly thereafter as the internet became widespread. It is a declarative language that tells a web browser what to display.

Looking Pretty

CSS is a declarative language that changes the way your HTML appears on the page. It tells the browser about what colors you want to display, the spacing, the sizes, and many more attributes that have to do with the appearance of your HTML. You can also encode animations and smooth transitions with CSS.

CSS was not around at the beginning of HTML... but it is now the standard way of changing the look of your web page. Because of that, CSS and HTML now pretty much go hand in hand as a pair. Unlock the power of eye-catching design by learning CSS.

Are you interested in learning HTML and CSS? Do you need help doing so? Contact Me Today! I am a private teacher in this subject.

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